Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Was Wonderful

It really was a great weekend. I played a round of golf on Friday with Jason, our Student Pastor. He played bogey golf. I, on the other hand, did not do so well, but I learned a lot about why I was doing so poorly. Now I can make some corrections. It was fun being with Jason and playing golf early in the morning.

On the 17th hole we found out that Julie, our worship assistant, was going into the hospital as soon as a room was ready. She finally got a room about 5:00 p.m. So she spent the day in pain waiting for a room. I saw her that evening, but now she is doing much better and hopes to come home tomorrow or the next day.

Saturday our whole family went over to our friend's home--The Krolczyk's. We have known Leroy and Sharon since the 70's when our children were quite young. Jared had not even been born yet. Their daughter and husband, plus four daughters, were home on furlough from Jordan, where they are missionaries. It was great visiting with them. They will be in Texas until September when they will return to the mission field.

On Sunday morning I preached at our church. Pastor Sonny was gone to Israel and three other pastors were on a mission trip to Denver to help plant a church. It was a good day, although attendance was way off. Preached about Abraham on Mt. Moriah with Isaac and used some visuals that worked out well.

Went to lunch at a new hamburger place, called something like Moonya's. Don't know if that spelling is correct or not. They have the best hamburgers. Jared brought the grandchildren over and we had a relaxing afternoon until I went to visit Julie in the hospital again. The rest of the night was good. The kids spent the night with us.

Got up shortly after 6:00 this morning, shaved, and took a shower. Found Kallie awake about 7:00, just laying on her back singing. I changed her, fed her breakfast, and just had her to myself until about 7:50 when I woke Patti up because I had to leave for work. Reid was still asleep when I left, but it was really a great time for Kallie and me.

I hope your day is as good as what I have described.

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Steve said...

I enjoyed that weekend too - just wish we could have been there to hear you preach. What were the "visuals" you used?