Monday, June 15, 2009

A Hot Day Can Teach Lessons

Sunday, after church, Jared and I hurried home to change clothes and eat a quick lunch before heading for the golf course. We had a 1:36 tee time and there were some dummies just like us out there.

The light breeze kept it relatively cool until about 4:00 and as one of our playing partners said, "If we didn't think it was hot before, it sure is now!" He was so right. I don't have a clue how hot it got, but it had to be around 97-98 degrees.

We only got to play 12 holes because I had to be back at the church for a program. But, I shot a 47 on the first nine holes. Earlier in the week I shot a 53-53, then a 51-50; and then on Sunday a 47. It is showing some improvement. I hope to shoot a 47-48 this week.

Yesterday's round reminded me a lot about life. We put on sun screen to protect us from the Sun's rays. You would be foolish not to use it. Likewise, it is stupid to try to live life without the armour of God to protect you. We would force fluids about every other hole to keep from getting dehydrated. It kind of reminded me of spending time with the Lord so we don't cave into the problems of the world. We wore golf gloves to keep the club from turning in our hands due to perspiration. It reminded me of listening to good Christian friends who can keep us from turning toward the world.

I hated to leave the course at the end of the 12th hole. It was like the round was not finished. Yet, duty called. There will always be this week. Maybe that is like being appreciative to the Lord for the day He just gave you. You need some sleep, but there is the grace of God.

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