Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fried Chicken Anyone?

Today was my first day back at work at the church. We have electrical power, including computer capability. Sunday will be a normal day for us, so I wrote an e-mail to our Abundant Life University and Alpha leaders, filling them in on what was happening. Only God knows how many will get the note.

Some of the major fallen utility poles on 518 were resurrected today. Next will come electricity, businesses opening, and gasoline pumps up and running. I think we will see a major difference on 518 by Monday.

Patti cooked for the family tonight--six adults and three children. Patti surprised all of us with fried chicken! That may not be much of a shock for you, but Patti has not prepared fried chicken in more than 30 years! Our kids have never tasted her fried chicken. They were as flabbergasted as I was. Patti said she was just tired of eating food off the grill when we were without electricity.

We had a great time together. We ended up going over to Tiffany and Jared's house because that's where our family's four dogs were being lodged. We had coffee and ice cream over there and watched a movie together.

Now it is about 11:00 and my eyes are telling me that I am tired. Whoever reads this, I hope you have a blessed Friday and weekend coming up.

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