Sunday, September 21, 2008

Roll Tide!!

My family and extended family was at our home yesterday for an NCAA Football Tripleheader. We started out the day with the Alabama-Arkansas game at 11:30. I wore an Alabama t-shirt and cap. Patti also wore an Alabama shirt.

Arkansas has always been a real competitor for Alabama down through the years. There were some real duels even before Arkansas joined the SEC. Yesterday I thought it would be another battle to the end. ESPN broadcasters said it would be Alabama by two touchdowns. I wondered if Alabama was ready to win by that much in SEC competition in Arkansas.

The game was over early as Alabama destroyed Arkansas 49-14! I was surprised at what Alabama did to them, but maybe it showed what Alabama was capable of doing, at least to an inferior opponent.

Next week we play Georgia. Then we will find out if we are really any good this year. Maybe it will show us how far we have come after one season with a new coach. Even if that coach is Nick Saban! He was the one this month that became the first coach in the country to ever adorn the cover of Forbes magazine.

Anyway, we have moved up to #8 in the AP poll and we will be playing Georgia, who remained at #3. They beat us in overtime last year, so I am really looking forward to Saturday night's game. Pastor Travis Duke, our Children's Pastor, is a grad of Georgia and is a huge bulldog fan. I warned him this morning that this is the week before the big game and I'm going to give him a hard time. He will probably be the one who gives me the hard time!

After Alabama won its game on Saturday, we tuned into the Florida-Tennessee game and it looked to me like Florida really is as good as we thought they were, if not better.

Whoever wins the West division will more than likely have to face Florida in the SEC Championship game. Imagine having to face Tennessee, LSU, and Auburn before you even get to the championship. There are certainly other teams that could take you out that are not even the above caliber, but they can beat you on the way to one of the "big" games.

Finally last night we watched LSU-Auburn. As an Alabama fan, I always want Auburn to get beat. As the father and father-in-law of LSU graduates, I changed out of my red t-shirt and cap. I then put on a purple t-shirt and sported an LSU cap for the evening nightcap. LSU came from behind 14-3 to win the game. It went right down to the end.

That was a full day of football, but we are huge college football fans. I know that I'm in the minority, but I enjoy college football more than I do the NFL. I have already checked out tickets for the LSU-Alabama game in November, but I think the cost is too rich for my blood. I may just have to settle for a 50 yard-line seat in front of the TV. But, there is something about being on the LSU campus when underdog Alabama comes to town. It is magic for the college football enthusiast.

Well, you know where you'll find me next Saturday night. The sound coming from our den will probably be heard at the front of the subdivision!