Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day #5

It is just past noon on Wednesday. As I look out beyond my backyard, it is a beautiful day with cool temperatures of 75 degrees and blue skies with high clouds. I just saw a butterfly flying around Patti's flower garden. Still, disaster is all around us.

I heard this morning that 60% of the Greater Pearland area still does not have electricity. I wish that were the worst of the problems. As we view television reports, it is obvious that some folks have lost everything they have, thousands are receiving food and water, while huge problems plague Galveston to the point of increasing fear of disease. It is bad.

I spent some time this morning working on lesson plans for next week. We assume that school will be back in session by Monday, but who knows? I'm just trying to be ready and it felt good to be doing work like that again.

I am looking forward to being at church tonight for our Wednesday night Prayer Meeting. We are going to meet in the Fellowship Hall. We lost our church steeple during the storm and that allowed water into the auditorium. Electricity was restored yesterday. It smells musty as you walk through the building. I'm looking forward to seeing my fellow staff members, as well as our members. It will give us an opportunity to just be together, hear from each other, and pray together.

God bless you wherever you are!

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