Thursday, April 10, 2008

Who Will Throw Down Their Stones?

I just read today's post on Mark Batterson's blog and it saddened me. Mark is the pastor of the National Community Church in Washington, D.C. and one of the most sought-after speakers in our country. He recently published the book, In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day, which is being studied in churches all across America. Mark is a man of impeccable character, sound in doctrine, and wise beyond his years.

Mark has been attacked because of a book that was on his recommended reading list on his blog. He was called an apostate evangelist. Now I don't know what the book was, but I know that if Mark had it on his list, it had to contain something that would lead us to really think about what we believe. Mark chose not to defend himself. In other words, this was one of those battles that you choose not to fight. There are more important things to do.

One of the people who left a comment wrote the following: "I think there are apologists our there that work more like lawyers than doctors. Let me explain. Doctors see a weakness in your body and then offer you help to get healthy. A lawyer sees your weaknesses and argues with you to strengthen his position. I prefer being a doctor."

I have also run into "wanna-be" apologists. They want to destroy the ministry of another person by using the rational that they are protecting the innocent. Many of these wanna-be's don't even have their information correct because they are getting it from another wanna-be. They seem to be blind and so bent on wanting to be right that they speak and write as if they are wearing blinders. The worst outcome of their attack is not the possible destruction of their targeted person, as bad as that might be, but the spill-over effect to multiple people they are attempting to protect. As you can tell, I have no place for wanna-be apologists.

Batterson closed out his post by asking if we could put down our stones. We have stoned folks as these innocent people watch, or as Mark Batterson says, " the world watches." He wonders how we can reach people who need Christ while we are stoning others. What an awesome thought!

The intent of this post was not to try and protect Mark Batterson. I'll let God do that, but we are seeing good men being attacked all over America by internet apologists who are trying to gather a following. It makes me sick. If some folks pick up some stones around you, remember this post, and don't join in. Go home and pray. You don't look good with a stone in your hand!

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