Saturday, April 5, 2008

Are You Living for the Moment or for Eternity?

The weather was great at the Shell Houston Open yesterday, at least while we were there it was beautiful. We were leaving the course when the tournament officials suspended play for a little over two hours. We were on the course from 8-2 and it was great.

We met the Brooks in the parking lot and shuttled over to the course together. It was wonderful being with them again and enjoying something together that we really love. I lost my voice on Thursday, so I was not a great conversationalist, but I tried. One time, while we were eating lunch, Jared looked at me and said, "Dad, you don't have to try to talk." So the three of them talked for me and all three can talk!

When "Lefty" came to the 18th green we were 30-40 feet from the hole. Phil did not play the hole very well and came away with a bogey, but talk about a front row seat. Then we followed another golfer for seven holes. When he approached the opening tee box, I was shocked. His face was bloated, he had put on some extra pounds, and pretty much looked like he had difficulty getting around. He would continually lean against the golf bag for seemingly support. He has been and is one of the crowd pleasers. The second largest crowd on the course followed him.

I did watch this golfer put his tee shot on the green of a short par 4 hole. His playing partners did not make it. He missed a long putt, but nailed the next one for a birdie. I'd like to remember that hole than anything else that I saw in him.

The golfer's life off the course is well known by golf enthusiasts. Jared said he had an idea for my blog, "Are You Living for the Moment, or for Eternity?" I think this golfer has lived in the fast lane for years, but has now switched to a lane for slower traffic, yet still living some of the same life style habits. I wanted to keep following him because I thought it might be the last time that I would get to see him play. One of the big surprises for me was that he had very little to do with the gallery and that is 180 degrees from the golfer I've watched in previous years.

Sometimes people around us seem to be living life for the moment. I guess there are times when someone could even say that about you. Are you living life for the moment? Do you want what the world has to offer so badly that it appears that all you are interested in is what life can give you right now?

Some folks are not living for the moment, but living life for eternity. They know that we are just sojourners on this planet earth for 60-85 years and then we become a passing memory. What counts is what we do with our lives that affects the Kingdom of God. Is everything for me? Or, am I interested in the spiritual well-being of those around me? Am I living for Christ daily, or am I living for self day in and day out?

I doubt if I will ever forget the look on the golfer's face that I watched for seven holes. There seemed to be something missing that was there the last time I saw him up close. I wonder what people could say about you and me.

Just a thought...

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