Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Preparation Is All Important

The Major League Baseball season is underway. Houston got shut out 4-0. Not such a great way to start the season, but it now in progress and there is nothing the Astros can do about it, except start a win streak.

The pre-season started months ago as the players conditioning took on a serious tone. Then Spring Training began and with it the exhibition season. Each week took the players to a new level in their preparation for the 2008 season.

We are introducing the Alpha Course in our church in September, but first some preparation needs to take place. We need to bring our people on board and it needs to be done in a systematic manner that will produce the outcome that is needed. We are going thru a "Spring Training" of our own.

Last month we educated as many people as possible with what Alpha was all about and why we would bring it to FBC Pearland. This month will be a month of prayer. We passed out a prayer calendar to be used during April. There will be prayer breakfasts, a Half Day in Prayer, a message on prayer, and a Player Clock to end the month. We should be prayed up by April 30.

In May and June we will educate our people on building relationships and then ask them to start building relationships with friends, family members, and work associates. This will be our "Exhibition Season" if you will. Then in July we will "throw out the first pitch and ask our people to invite someone that they built a relationship with to attend our first Alpha Course. In August we will contact each of these people and send them a formal invitation.

The Alpha Course will begin for us the week of September 7, but as you can see, preparation began in March. We wanted our members to know as much about this endeavor as possible and then we wanted them to get involved. Preparation and involvement--these are the keys. I hope we can reach 25 men and women who may be searching and not even know what they are looking for at this point.

Pray for us and I'll keep you posted.

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