Thursday, April 3, 2008

What's Special About This Weekend??

I have the day off tomorrow at Home Depot. Jared has also taken the day off. Now, what would two guys do on Friday, April 4 in Houston, Texas? You're right. We are going to the Shell Houston Open with our long-time friends Gary and Patti Brooks.

It will be so good to be with Gary and Patti again. We had many good times together as families back in Tomball in the 90's. We have known each other now for about 13 years. They are the kind of people that you can just hang out with and be yourself. They have a way of looking at life that you don't get hung up on an awful moment, you just enjoy the best of the moment. They also have a great sense of humor.

Wouldn't you know it? There is a 60% chance of rain on Friday. They said on the weather this morning that the tournament would be lucky to get in some holes. That doesn't sound so good. But, that is the kind of thing that happens to me. Now Saturday is suppose to be a pretty day. Anyway, I'm looking forward to doing something and part of that will be celebrating Jared's birthday with him that was really on March 31.

I am actually a pretty fortunate guy. I never work more than two days in a row at either of my jobs, although I work six days a week. You say, "How can that be?" I am usually scheduled at The Home Depot on Mondays; Tuesday and Wednesday I'm at the church office; Thursday and Friday back at Home Depot; off Saturday; and back at church on Sunday. My schedule really breaks up the week as you can see.

I have a good friend who is the Pastor of Discipleship at the National Community Church in Washington, D.C. I think she is one of the foremost authorities on Small Groups and discipleship in the country. She has been asked to speak at the Group Life Conference at Willow Creek Community Church October 16-18. A few weeks ago Patti asked me if I planned to attend the Conference and I said, "How can I miss it?" Yesterday I asked my right-hand man at the church to go with me. Now all I have to do is come up with the funding for us.

Some of you may remember my writings about the Sawyer-Mathews football games in Mobile whenever we were home. Our kids were Jr. high, high school and college during that era of the famous football games. Heather, the girl I'm talking about was always on her dad's team and always a competitor. I've know her since she was born and I'm proud of her. I couldn't stay away from Chicago in October if my life depended on it.

I'll let you know how Friday turns out in my next post.

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Anonymous said...

I hope I'm not duplicating my comment because I'm new to this blogging bit. So here goes again.

Mikbama! You're luck is better than you think...besides we have a 40% chance of it NOT raining. Plus, I know a secret that you don't...we also have Pavillion passes! See---your luck just changed. Maybe we will be able to catch a few holes and then wait out the showers for awhile in the Pavillion. It will be a great day for me. Who else gets to hang out with 3 fun guys?! If nothing else, we can have a belated breakfast brunch with Jared. So keep looking up for the sunshine...but you may just want to bring an umbrella...just in case! Thanks for your kind words about Gary and I.
Patti B.