Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mental More Difficult Than Physical

I believe that most people can lose weight on a program like Weight Watchers, if they follow the plan, discipline themselves, and work toward the goal. Physically, the weight will drop at a rate of 1-2 pounds a week and that is a healthy expectation. Once I got into the process I felt that it was rather simple, but effective.

If you want to lose weight and tone up, you have entered a whole new level. It is not nearly as easy physically and is much harder mentally. I did not say that it could not be done, but it is taxing mentally. Allow me to show you what i mean.

I increased my caloric count this week up to an average of 1,911 per day. I burned an average of 1,245 calories a day. That put my net intake at 666 calories a day. I had plenty to eat. I consumed 114 grams of protein each day. Still trying to increase that figure, but gaining ground. I had 4 workouts in the past five days and did cardio on the treadmill twice a day.

Now, what does that previous paragraph mean to me? I lost 1.7 pounds, but am also strengthening my body. It is hard work. It is much harder than losing 1.7 pounds on Weight Watchers. It is not so hard physically--in fact I enjoy it, but it is mentally taxing. You have to take one day at a time!

What change have I noticed the most? My waist is getting smaller and I have biceps now that literally make me laugh. I've never had muscle like that. If I can make that kind of progress and lose, say a pound a week, next summer I'll be where I've been wanting to go. It will just have to be accomplished one day at a time.

Change does not take place overnight. We don't go to bed being overweight, wake up at the most healthy weight, and be more fit than any time in our lives. It takes time and patience. It is the same with our spiritual lives. When we come to Christ there is a change from "spiritual death to spiritual life". We then need to start growing spiritually. It would be awful to remain as a spiritual babe the rest of our lives!

In order to grow spiritually, we must begin the journey and it is a day by day pilgrimage. It is like losing weight, working out, and becoming physically fit. It becomes a way of life and we can experience the changes our lives are taking. More than that, others can see the changes taking place. They will encourage you. More next time...

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Loved This!!! Keep Going Pastor Mike!!!.......Shelly