Tuesday, October 1, 2013

We All Make Spiritual Choices

Tuesday, October 1

Today's Results:  Consumed 1,885 calories, burned 1,460 calories = a net caloric intake of 425

Getting fit and losing weight is a lot like the Christian life.  People make a decision to lose weight, or do strenuous workouts to tone their bodies. They make this a priority in their lives. Likewise, people choose to grow spiritually and they go about doing it. It is all about choices!

First, if a person takes in more nourishment than their body needs, they will gain weight. Their body will store what they don't need as fat until they do need it. Second, if one exercises their body, it will add muscle, burn further calories and make them lean and strong.

Far too many Christians try to live like the world and fail to take in the spiritual nutrients they need because they are busy living a worldly life. They are good people, just living like their friends during the week and trying to catch up one day of the week. They do not make time to read their Bible, so they lack the spiritual nutrition that can give them. They fail to pray because they do not think about it. This is another failure to pick up what their lives need.

My trainer told me about the first cavemen. They hunted for their food and eating took place whenever they were successful on their hunt. They might go days or even a week before they would find food. Their bodies stored fat because it did not know when the body would be fed again. Some Christians are the same way--they store the "fat" of the world because they are so into it and don't know when the next course will be available. Therefore, they become "spiritually flabby" over a short period of time.

Far too many believers do not work out, so they do not add muscle, the body eats on the muscle and then the stored fat and they fail to gain spiritual strength. They remain at a "spiritual stand-still" for extended periods of time an are surprised when they look around and see others pass them by spiritually speaking.

The next time you are out walking or working out with weights, stop and think about what you are doing for the benefit of your body. The body is the physical "tent" that you are living in for an average of 78-83 years. What are you doing for your spiritual life? Are you feeding it properly? Are you exercising it so you can get the most out of it?

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