Sunday, July 20, 2008

What Will 2008 Hold for You?

I was watching television tonight and was slightly bored when I began thinking about 2008. Allow me to share a few of these thoughts with you.

2008 will be remembered for many things, but let me mention just a few:
$4.00+ a gallon gasoline
Escalating food prices
Airline Industry chaos
Massive foreclosures
Declining home values(that could have a double message)
Investment losses
Layoffs leading to higher unemployment

And this is just a few of the could probably list even more. Just these few downturns can be devastating to many people. They can think their lives are over and life is not worth living. It can and has changed life for many as they have known it.

What if we can recognize some things irregardless of our circumstances?
1) What if we recognized that what the world gives is secondary to our happiness and has nothing to do with our joy?

2) What if we recognized that Jesus is with us despite the world's worst conditions and that He will sustain us?

3) What if we recognized the need for a changed life that would produce abundant Christian living and we make the change?

Then life really will be different and we will find ourselves on a plane above the world's values and aspirations. We would find what we didn't even realize that we were looking for.

We may never make the money we once did; we may live in a rent house, drive a used car, have no retirement account, but life would be abundant because our focus has changed.

What will you remember 2008 for five years from now? Will it be the world in terms of a recession, a bear market, losses we sustained and maybe never recovered from, or will it be the changed life that produced life that touched other lives??

There are five months left in 2008. Make them count!

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