Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Weekend With Family

I have not written anything in about three weeks and that seems like forever. I am back to working three complete shifts per week at The Home Depot on Monday, Thursday, and Friday. They had cut one of my days out for awhile, or gave me six hour shifts. So this has been an adjustment. I am still at the church on Tuesday, Wednesday, and of course, Sunday. Maybe I can get back in my groove again.

This was one of those wonderful weekends that we all experience from time to time. Patti and I had all three grandchildren on Friday night. Then Jared arrived, followed by Steve and Miranda, who spent the night with us. Sometime on Friday night we decided to go to the Zoo together on Saturday.

I had not been to the Houston Zoo in probably 15-20 years, or maybe even longer. I didn't know the place. It had changed that much. Reid, our two-year old, is really into pictures of animals in all of his books. He was just amazed at what he saw and could name every animal.

When we were in the Big Cat House, there was a lion asleep with his head right up against the glass. I had never seen a lion that up-close. It was interesting watching him breathe and just taking in his huge body and paws. Looking into his face was awesome. If it was that good looking into the face of a lion up close, think what it will be like to look into the face of God!

I guess one of my biggest fears is snakes, so I had to go into the snake house. Tiffany, our daughter-in-law didn't think much of the idea, but I had to go. I saw a South American Bushmaster, a Puff Adder (that kills more humans in Africa than any other snake), and many more that I can't think of right now. I just can't stand snakes, but you can see that I was drawn to them. Remember one thing as you're laughing...there was glass between me and the snakes!

After three hours we decided that we had all had enough and headed home. It was a great time for the whole family to be together. Jared made a comment. He said, "If you had told me ten years ago that I'd be married with two children and spending Saturday at the Zoo with the whole family, I would never have believed it!" Life is full of surprises and we had a great time together.

The day was not over. We cooked fajitas and topped it off with Banana Splits. It was a wild day.

My family is really understanding the importance of "family". I believe God gave us to each other. What a gift!! One month from now, Patti's mother is coming out from Alabama for a couple of weeks. The family will expand by one generation...won't that be great!

Take your family to another level and enjoy each moment with them. Life flys by. Learn to live one day at a time and teach them the same thing.


Heather Z said...

My family is coming to DC this week! Can't wait to see them! I keep trying to talk Gran into coming, as well!

miranda said...

What a great day! I am so blessed to have a family that loves to spend time together.

steve said...

yeah - it was a good weekend.