Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Is Always Full of Surprises

Once temperatures reach 95-100 degrees we wonder if summer is here to stay and that is usually the case. We enter the month of June and hear about the hurricane forecasts. If nine storms turn into hurricanes, what are the chances that one will hit the Texas coast? If we have not had a direct hit in a couple of decades, doesn't each passing year increase out odds? The weather is always a concern along the coast.

Television journalists tell us that not as many people will be traveling this summer. They are saying that gasoline could be over $5.00 a gallon by the 4th of July. That prospect should keep even more people at home. The surprise of this summer may not be storms, but the increasing cost of fuel.

We are preparing for our first Alpha Course which will be kicked-off on September 7. So, the rest of the summer will be spent getting us ready for it. We will also be offering our second Abundant Life University starting on the same day. That, too, will take many man-hours to roll out. I am excited about what I see on the horizon and a little nervous at the same time.

Next week Patti and I are leaving for San Francisco(I booked and paid for the trip long before jet fuel escalated). We are going to celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary while we are out there. We will do all the tourist stops. In fact, I've already have a City Tour with Muir Woods included and a night tour of Alcatraz. I've got a few surprises up my sleeve, but I'll wait until I get back to share that with you. Remember, summer is always full of surprises.

I really am leading up to something. It doesn't really matter where you go this summer. You might even stay at home, but get out of the routine of everyday living. I usually work six days a week. I am looking forward to being out of that routine for about nine days. I will enjoy it one day at a time and I'll laugh as much as possible. My days of taking things so seriously dropped by the wayside about five years ago.

What about you? Are you living in Tomorrow Land, or are you really in the present? Are you so serious about life that it has you stressed out and your tongue stays chalky pink? I want to challenge you to get out of that rat race. If that is hard to understand, then maybe it does not pertain to you. Stop and smell the roses...look at the green the birds...and see what is going on around you.

I hope your summer is full of good surprises!

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steve said...

"Stop and smell the roses...look at the green the birds..."

WHAT?!?!?! I thought you were a lion chaser? There's no smelling roses - only the stench of dead lions in the wake of your journey to God. You should be talking skydives, alcatraz escapes, and daring to walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

Of course roses, grass, and birds give us reason for those things . . .I guess. . .maybe. . .oh nevermind. . .go ahead and smell your stinkin' roses - it's probably good for you too. (If you're a girly man.)

Just kiddin' - good post.