Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What Kind of Christian Are You?

Last week I was reading a post of my son's Sports blog. He was asking the question: "What kind of sports fan are you?" It got me thinking that the same question can be asked of us spiritually.

Using my son Jared's rationale, we could also look at ourselves in three categories using a 1-10 scale.

First, you could be a Super Spiritual person (don't get hung up on the title) and this would put you on the scale somewhere 8-10. This person lives for Christ daily and is dependent on Christ every moment of the day. It is as if Jesus were this person's constant companion.

The person I am describing is in the process of being discipled and they understand that it is a life-long process. They have a vibrant prayer life, witnessing is just a part of their daily life, Christian fellowship is vital to their existence, and the Word of God is increasingly valuable to the very heart of their being.

The person who scores an 8, 9, or 10 is always seeking the Will of God for their lives in every aspect of life. They are involved in ministry to others as they grow in their own faith. This person regularly attends corporate worship with other believers, grows with fellow believers in some kind of small group, and is a supporter of their church and its leaders.

Second, you could be a Casual Spiritual person and this would put you on this fictitious scale somewhere around 5-7. This person has given their life to Christ. They see Him as being there when they need Him. They call upon Him when the going gets tough and they can't handle it humanly.

This Casual person is probably also casual about their own personal spiritual growth. They may see growth in terms of Bible knowledge and even being part of a Sunday morning Bible class. Spiritual growth is not a part of their thinking at this point in their lives. This person prays when they need God to intervene and "bail" them out of life's situations. Witnessing is for that small percentage that they see as bold. Christian fellowship would not rank toward the top of their "To Do" list. Many of their closest friends do not attend their church, or maybe any other church. They support their church and leaders when the going is smooth and upbeat. They join the naysayers when things are not going so well. They are often "used" by power people.

Third, you could be a Super Day "Spiritual" person and this would put you on the scale of 1-3. This person may, or may not have given their life to Christ. They see Jesus, or God as somebody "up there", as opposed to being with them in daily life, every minute of the day. They may see themselves as a good person. They may call on God when calamity hits them broadside. Oftentimes they just try to handle it themselves.

This Super Day person has never heard of discipleship. They wonder if there is anything that "comes next" in spiritual life, but often are so wrapped up in their own humanness that spiritual thoughts take a back seat. They pray occasionally, but wonder if anyone even hears them. They would prefer that someone they respect prays for them. They don't believe that they have a testimony. Jesus is so far removed that they don't believe there is any such thing as witnessing, or it is just for the Super Believer. They seem to feel ill at ease in Christian fellowship settings.

The Super Day person attends worship on Easter and Christmas Eve, or when the extended family is in town, or other special days that seem to come up and it feels like you should be in church. They are passive in support of their church and can be used by the Casual person when circumstances align themselves and these folks need to be used.

It gives me a sad feeling to press the keys that produce these words and sentences. Is it true? It is too close to reality. Maybe most people fall in between each of these groupings, but does that make it any better? You say, how could anyone fall in between that scale of numbers? I don't know, but it is so difficult to identify ourselves that too many look for any way to make it seem better.

If we are aware of what I have just written, don't you think that God would call each of us to turn it around? I believe that it means that we all start the life-long discipleship process, bring others on board as we begin to understand, and lead others to Christ to complete the circle.

Jump on board. The Lord is waiting on you. Someone that can mentor you is waiting. Someone who is as "lost as a goose" is waiting for you and they don't even know it right now!

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