Sunday, March 9, 2008

Babies Are Meant To Grow

Have you ever seen a seven pound baby with bulging biceps, six-pack abs, and wearing a diaper? Have you ever seen the same seven pound baby and found out that he is 40 years old? As you look closer, it appears that this middle-aged baby is still drinking formula and needs the constant attention of those around him. What a sight! It is almost like a cartoon character.

Unfortunately, this scenario plays out every day. A 20 year-old receives Jesus Christ. He does not realize that this is the beginning of a life-long journey with Jesus. It is the beginning of what we call discipleship. Every living, healthy organism is expected to grow and will grow if their environment is conducive to allow it to grow.

This same 20 year-old may attend church services regularly and enjoy every facet of the worship experience, but it does not put him in a growth posture. He may attend a Sunday morning Bible study, but he doesn't seem to lose the baby bottle.

They typical Sunday morning Bible study reaches 50% of its constituency on a typical Sunday. The next Sunday morning the 50% remains constant, but the mix is a little bit different. In the best situations they are taught the Bible, but sometimes have difficulty applying it to daily living.

Discipleship courses provide various disciplines of the Christian faith and reach 70-90% week in and week out. The participants learn to apply the truths of the faith to daily living and all of a sudden they begin to grow.

I want to share with you why discipleship is so important to the growth of a Christian, what I am doing to enhance personal growth and what is happening across the face of our globe.

"Spiritual Babies" are meant to grow and become stronger and stronger as each day passes.


Jared said...

Great looking site! Glad to see you got your first post up and going. I did my first post tonight too!

Heather Z said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! So glad you are here. I think I might need to just shut down my site and direct people to you!

Looking forward to being discipled by you via blog!

C. Columbus said...

It is wonderful to know your passion to share the holy fruit and juice of life with the world. Keep working in his vineyard.

Steve C said...

Awesome! Glad to see you figured it all out! It's fun watching someone grow into an real disciple.

It'll be fun watching the site grow too.