Sunday, April 19, 2009

It Has Been Awhile

It seems like forever since I last wrote something on here. I guess it has been over two months. Most people will have forgotten that I even have a blog, but I guess I deserve that for my inattention.

So much has happened. We had our fourth grandchild since I last wrote something. Her name is Kesleigh Anne and she was born on February 23rd. Miranda gave birth to her at Texas Women's Hospital and it was a great day. I got lost that night between the Medical Center and 610 trying to get home. I know it is hard to get lost down there, but if anybody can, it is me.

Then my card went out on the laptop. It was so easy to write while watching television, but I still have not replaced it. I guess that is the main reason that I've not written, but maybe thinking I've been too busy would rank up there too. I guess anything sounds good if you're looking for an excuse.

We did start Letters from Dad. About 30-35 showed up for the enlistment (informational) dinner and we ended up registering 30. We had our first session two weeks ago and it went real well. We come back together again next Sunday to see how we did that last three weeks and get ready for the next phase.

The men are writing letters right now to their wives and should present it to them sometime this week. They are also reading the book Letters from Dad and a couple of other assignments. The next assignment is letters to their children. That should be an awesome adventure. Then there will be a class on May 17 and we end on June 7. I would highly recommend this study for anyone and a class for women is about to begin. For more information go to

Have a great week and really make it count for something!