Friday, February 6, 2009

ACSI Was Excellent

Just returned from Galveston where I attended the ACSI Teacher's Convention. There were about 2,000+ teachers and administrators in attendance. It was my first time to be around that many teachers and they were great!

Josh McDowell was the keynote speaker. He has been one of my contemporaries over the last 35 years, so it was great finally hearing him in person. He as actually been in ministry for 49 years--that is a long time. McDowell probably does more research than anyone I've listened to in my life. I think he has multiple studies for everything he says. He can keep 2,000 people spellbound for 90 minutes and you wonder where the time went.

I attended eight sessions over the day and one half. They were all good, but my favorite was on the subject of how to increase student comprehension. It was taught by a retired college professor who really knew what he was talking about. Now I just need to put it into practice.

I was surprised at what I saw in Galveston. I was surprised at the number of businesses that were open after Ike. I was also surprised to see that places like McDonalds and Whataburger had not opened. Maybe they are not planning on opening. I saw old homes torn off of their foundations in some areas. There were huge piles of materials from old buildings and sailboats sitting on sidewalks. It was all a shocking sight, but it shows that Galveston will come back,. even if it takes a long time.

Now I'll look forward to getting back in the classroom on Monday. I can see a bigger picture than I was aware of three days ago.

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